Ryan Purcell

Steadicam Operator

Ryan is a passionate, hard working camera operator specializing in Steadicam. He is based in Vancouver with over fifteen years of industry experience. Born and raised in Vancouver, Ryan had his first taste of filmmaking as a student shooting skiing and basketball.

After attending college, Ryan was able to enter the business and soon fell in love with the motion picture camera and the Steadicam. Taking the Steadicam Operators Association workshop was his first step of many in becoming an operator in the film industry. Ryan currently lives in North Vancouver with his wife and three kids and operates both Steadicam and conventional camera on feature films and episodic TV.


I feel I have one of the most comprehensive Steadicam packages in Vancouver. I have 2 PRO Steadicam rigs, I use my secondary rig as a backup or, if low mode is required often, and it can be built full-time in that mode. I use the Preston HU-3 as my follow focus and have back-ups for both hand unit and MDR.

I also have extra hand units and MDR's for other cameras, if needed. I have a Walter Klassen back mounted vest that is quiet and easily adjustable. My arm is a PRO with eight different canisters. It can hold Imax to 3D rigs with no problem.

For camera support I have an "OverKeeper" and two 2575 C and D O'Connor heads. One is new and the other is in great shape. I also have an ARRI Gear Head that is super smooth. The Porta-Jib I have is an amazing tool for getting over beds, cliffs and cars or anything else you would need to do without the availability of a crane. It can be set up in just minutes as it rolls on its own cart.

Having just come off a hand held show for the last two years, I also have some great tools for hand held. One is the Walter Klassen suspender. It is a great tool to help with holding the camera for long periods of time in very awkward positions. It was used extensively in "Children of Men" by Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki and co-designed by Steadicam op Larry McConkey of "Goodfellas" fame. It has saved the day many times.

Another great item is the new Gore-Link. It achieves the look and feel of a handheld shot, but you have the full range of your Steadicam arm. The Butt Dolly, which was designed and used extensively on the series "24", is a super smooth ride with 5 wheels and adjustable heights. I have been able to master this tool and can do some amazing shots on it. I also have a Director's hand-held monitor and video glasses that can also be very helpful. All of my gear is in cases and is travel ready.

GPI-PRO Steadicam Sled

  • 2 GPI-PRO Steadicam Sleds
  • 1 XCS Monitor NTSC
  • 1 Marhshall Monitor HD
  • Customs Rain Gear
  • 16 GPI-PRO Batteries, 1 with modified Anton Bauer mount

GPI-PRO Arm and Klassen Vest

  • GPI-PRO Arm with 8 Canisters
  • Walter Klassen Universal Back Mountes Vest

Follow Focus Unit- FIZ

  • 2 Preston HU-3 Hand Units
  • 2 Preston MDR-2's
  • 2 Alt Preston Hand Units
  • 2 Alt Preston MDR's
  • 8 Preston Motors
  • 2 Microforces

Camera Support

  • 1 Arri Gear Head
  • 1 O'connor 2575 C Head
  • 1 O'Connor 2575 D Head
  • 1 OverKeeper
  • 1 PortaJib
  • 1 Walter Klassen Suspender
  • 1 Walter Klassen Gore-link
  • 1 Butt Dolly
  • 1 Commander Warehouse Camera Cart
  • Shipping Cases For All Gear


AWM Productions
C 604 812 2767

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